AI-Powered Content Recommendation

Utilize AI to offer personalized content suggestions, enhancing user engagement.

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Enhance Content Recommendations with AI Precision

Transform your content recommendation process by leveraging the power of AI with Vext. Always access the most relevant and engaging content for users, designed to meet your unique organizational needs, leading to a more effective and targeted content curation strategy.

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Personalize Promotion

Select criteria and click on a category above to get started.

This demo shows how the gen AI can leverage the session/user data to generate adaptive UI to present relevant promos to the users, using the promo data we've fed to the AI.

It can handle different data and information without code and logic design and able to generate UI that's relevant.

How It Works

Import Content

Import the specific content you want the AI to recommend, such as multiple PDF files, a Google Sheet detailing promotions, or a website indexed using the Vext Crawler.

Configure LLM Response Structure

Select the appropriate model tailored to the content's complexity. Outline precise guidelines covering the response style, format, tone, and content type (like HTML or Markdown), ensuring a cohesive and engaging experience for your audience.

Seamless Integration with Your Application

We highly recommend utilizing the Vext API to integrate the AI capabilities seamlessly into your app, website, or tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or even email system. This offers robust, flexible integration options that enhance your viewers experience.


This framework allows you to remotely recommend a diverse range of content types, including advertisements, articles, videos, and even live stream channels. For optimal results, we generally advise users to organize their content into a structured list. This format enables the LLM to systematically process and effectively utilize the data. However, for content primarily consisting of articles or text, you have the option to import it separately into the system, allowing our sophisticated AI to manage and recommend the content efficiently on your behalf.

When importing your content or content lists through third-party integrations like Notion, Confluence, or Google Drive, or using the Vext web crawler, the process is streamlined for ease and efficiency. Simply update the source, and synchronize the document on Vext. This convenient feature eliminates the need for frequent reimports, ensuring your content is always current and in sync with minimal effort.

At Vext, data security is our top priority. We've made sure: (1) the data you've imported is encrypted and only accessible to you and your AI only, (2) the LLMs that we offer are only from trusted vendors that doesn't use your data for training purposes and able to enforce encryption. (e.g. Azure OpenAI models vs OpenAI).