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Meeting on 09/16
Which meetings did Carol attend?

Note: The data presented here was imported from Google Sheets. See the Google Sheets document here.

How It Works

Connect Meeting Data

Upload the file or link the source containing your meeting data, such as a Google Sheet or a Confluence page.

Configure LLM Response Structure

Choose a model matching your data's complexity and specify response format (HTML, Markdown) and style. This ensures AI-generated meeting summaries are clear, engaging, and consistent with your requirements.

Integrate with Your Tools

Integrate AI seamlessly into your platforms with the Vext API. Or use 3rd-party integrations to integrate with Slack or email to seamlessly integrate the meeting AI with your every-day workflow.


To effectively manage your meetings, use Google Sheets for manual entries. For automated recording or summarizing (like with, consider using API or Zapier to export data to Google Sheets, Confluence, or a database, depending on your needs.

Clear instructions yield precise results, much like collaborating with a team member. For example, a vague query like 'what meetings did I have last week?' may lead to ambiguous results. Specifying whether you mean all days of the week or just workdays helps the LLM provide more accurate information.

At Vext, data security is our top priority. We've made sure: (1) the data you've imported is encrypted and only accessible to you and your AI only, (2) the LLMs that we offer are only from trusted vendors that doesn't use your data for training purposes and able to enforce encryption. (e.g. Azure OpenAI models vs OpenAI).