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Most common use for LLM: Query data, create content, find answers.

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Effortlessly import your sales playbook or internal wiki into Vext and immediately begin dynamic conversations with users, utilizing your own data—bypassing months of research and development.

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How It Works

Import Company Information

Incorporate your company's Wiki, sales strategies, or presentation materials into your AI chatbot, tailoring it with your specific information and expertise with ease, regardless of how the data is organized.

Set Up Your "Rep"

Choose your preferred language model for your AI chatbot, fine-tune its creativity levels, memory functions, and conversational prompts. Enjoy complete personalization of your AI's characteristics without the need for coding.

Interface With Customer

Integrate the AI you've created into your application effortlessly. Use a no-code approach with Zapier for simplicity, or opt for a deeper integration with the Vext API.


No, Vext does not provide a pre-made chat widget. Vext is an AI development platform that allows you to embed the AI you customize into any application, using either programming or no-code solutions.

OpenAI's "Create a GPT" is a great way to craft your own ChatGPT. Nonetheless, it lacks direct app integration capabilities. In contrast, the AI developed using Vext can be integrated with your application through API.

At Vext, data security is our top priority. We've made sure: (1) the data you've imported is encrypted and only accessible to you and your AI only, (2) the LLMs that we offer are only from trusted vendors that doesn't use your data for training purposes and able to enforce encryption. (e.g. Azure OpenAI models vs OpenAI).