Provide your LLM with functions, enabling it with more useful tools to perform complex tasks.

vext functions

Pre-built Functions

Select from a Variety of Pre-built Functions

Equip the LLM with a ready-to-use selection of functions, such as ArXiv and PubMed queries, Wikipedia and Google searches, math calculations, and more.

vext function list
vext custom function

Custom Functions

Looking for Something More Tailored? Create Your Own

Coming Soon

For advanced needs like calling external APIs, webhooks, or executing complex input-processing functions, you can incorporate your own code.

Smart Functions

Equip the LLM with a Toolbox and Let it Decide

Empower the LLM with complete autonomy to select the most suitable tools based on the input given, intelligently determining the best choice or defaulting to generating a response if no appropriate tool is found.

vext smart function