Vector Search

A managed intelligent vector store using tailored chunking methods for different data sources, ensuring optimal retrieval efficiency.

vext vector search

Streamline Your Data

Merge and Connect Across All Your data Sources

Discover the ease of unified data management. Vext's user-friendly platform seamlessly merges various data sources, turning complexity into simplicity.

vext data connector
vext smart chunking

Catered Chunking

Intelligently Chunk Data By Type

The system smartly selects the best chunking method tailored to the type of data imported, ensuring superior retrieval outcomes.

RAG, Simplified

Build RAG Pipeline Within Minutes

Just add an action to retrieve data through the Vext LLM Pipeline Builder followed by an LLM. Voila, you've created a fully operational RAG.

vext data connector
vext smart chunking

Vanilla Vector Search

Or Just Use Vector Search

If you prefer not to utilize RAG and wish to focus on vector search within the platform, you can do so by incorporating a data retrieval step without following it with any additional actions. This approach will result in the platform outputting the raw chunk it retrieved in comparison to the input.

Available Data Connectors

confluence google drive notion upload crawler